Once again at MJC

I am once again a contract employee at MJC after last night's college board meeting and today I will be going in to record training sessions in the new auditorium.  Should be informative and interesting, my first chance to see inside the new building.  That is all.

Guard Class

Today, I attend a guard class as required to keep my license active.  Should be interesting but only time will tell.  That is all.

President Bush the hypocrite

Our president is a large-mouthed hypocrite for saying that Russia should respect Georgia's sovereignty when he sent our military into the very sovereign nation of Iraq and toppled a legitimate leader.  We may not have liked the guy, but it was not our place to take him out and run the country as we have done.  George is wrong, he knows it, and should be punished severely for his crimes.

  That is all.

Saturday in the park

A beautiful day to hang at the local park, if I were so inclined to do so.  Instead, I am packing and preparing for our visit to Grass Valley and seeing family that lives there.  Barb is going along on this trip, it is her first visit to the area, so hope all goes well.  Also, tomorrow is the final day of the Nevada County Fair and we may visit it, not sure yet.  Just have fun, that's the goal.

I most likely won't be able to post anything tomorrow to Posterous, though I will update my status on Twitter as much as possible.  Visit my website and have a great day, that is all.


Security guard with Sintex

My second day as a security officer was a success and I actually think that I will last a while with this company.  My third day is Tuesday, the swing shift, and it will likely be my first day on my own.  Only time will tell how it goes.  That is all.

First day as a security officer

I had a great first day as a security officer.  My trainer, Daniel, is a nice guy and fun to chat with.  I am stationed out at Covenant Transport on Roth Road in Lathrop, about a 30 minute drive from home.  Very dusty and the lot where the trailers and trucks are parked is large, but not overwhelming.  I have posted a short video of what my Sintex jacket looks like on my other blog: willriker17.blogspot.com.  That is all.

A weather fiend

Alright, so I don't have much to say and I won't say much at all.  The weather here in Salida today is hot with a dose of very hot.  Tomorrow morning, I will awake at 0430 hrs to get ready for my first day on the job as a security guard for Sintex Security Services.  My shift is from 6A to 2P and I will be training with Daniel.  Should be interesting, as I will be protecting Covenant Transport, a major trucking company located in French Camp.  Friday, my shift is 2P to 10P at the same location.  I will be gone over the weekend to Grass Valley and back at work on Tuesday.  Should be fun!!!