Alexa Skill

A year ago, the day before Trump was sworn in, I thought about ways to improve the Alexa tool that I had purchased shortly after it was publicly released by Amazon years before. The picture below is one of my many ideas. One I chose to write down. Problem is, I need help with implementation. I have done some reading about how skills are created, but I still do not understand. That is why I seek assistance from whatever source that could make it happen. 

I am not very tech-savvy, nor do I have unlimited funds, but I figured a well-promoted crowdfunding campaign could be a possibility. If not, let me know what your better suggestion is. 

I am a perfectionist and I dislike errors and repetition, but I also recognize that there are some things that are unavoidable in the process. I am seeking others to join me in this lifetime adventure. Others who are smarter, more knowledgable, eager to try anything to finish a goal. 

Do you think you can be a part of my team? Contact me, let us see what develops.