Witness on scene

Yesterday afternoon, I witnessed my first rollover accident.  It occurred on Hwy 99 North, outside of Ripon, as I was traveling to see Barb for lunch.  The vehicle, a dark-colored Toyota T100 with a camper shell, entered the hwy from the on-ramp, crossed from the slow lane to the fast lane without signaling, nearly hit the wall, then lost control and went back across the two lanes and off the road in to the gully between the hwy and the on-ramp.  I quickly pulled off the road and dialed 911, while others also pulled off to see who was injured.  The CHP showed up within a minute or two and after about ten minutes and a statement of facts to the officer, I was back on my way to Livermore.  I was a bit shooken up by this event, but am better now.  No one severly injured, just one person involved.  I was recording one of my usual recordings when this accident occured and it is included with this post, foul language and all.