My direct response to a postcard

My Representative in Congress, David G. Valadao, sent out a post card survey for input from us, his constituents.  ​
I have replied with a polite two-page letter.

Response to survey July 2017 -

Last of the FOIA responses

Today's mail contained what I figure to be the final Freedom of Information Act responses from our distinguished government agencies. 

CIA FOIA response

US Secret Service FOIA response 

So, what I take away from all of these is that, in the government's eyes, I do not yet exist. That won't last long though, soon the whole world will know my name. I am Will Robertson and I am running for president in the year 2020! 

Thank you, 


My FOIA requests

After submitting several requests for info about myself to various gov't agencies, here are the responses I received. The one that makes me really laugh out loud is the NSA. A two-page response to say that I am not privileged to know what they do or do not know about me. I hate secrecy and I do not believe our government has a right to "national security" protections. Read these and let me know what you think.  

Three PDF files, between 855K and 1753K in size.

FBI response

US DOJ Marshall's Service response 

NSA response

I got my letter to the Denver FBI office returned unopened with the notice that it is "Not Deliverable As Addressed. Unable To Forward." Not sure why that is, I am certain that the address is correct. Oh, well, still waiting on two more: the Secret Service and the CIA. The CIA response will probably be similar to the NSA, I am thinking.