More FOIA Requests

I have received two more responses, one from the Sacramento FBI Office and the other from the DIA. The Defense Intelligence Agency response surprised me, as I assumed, incorrectly I might add, that their letter would contain similar language to the CIA's. The DIA may be a member of the alphabet soup of agencies, but their response is more honest and straight-forward. View for yourself below. 

Each item is less than a megabyte in size and each is two pages, the first being the envelope and the second being the letter.

DIA FOIA response

FBI Sacramento Office resonse

I am surprised by the speed of the government's response. I submitted my FOIA paperwork at the beginning of the month. I like how the DIA apologizes for the delay. Personally, I think this is rather quick. Anyways, I submit these for you to laugh at. That is all.