Take a look at this receipt

Last evening, while on-duty as a security officer, I visited the Nestle Cafe, purchased two chocolate chip cookies (very warm and delicious) and a hot chocolate (with whipped cream) and the total for those three items was $6.66!  I made a joke of it and the cashier laughed with me.  The proprietor, Dan, was nearby and suggested I buy a third cookie.  I did not as this number doesn't faze me.  Why should it?  It is just another number after all.  

This was the most interesting thing to occur to me yet as I work this eight-hour shift every Friday.  Alright, I have had the two fights recently, but those aren't interesting, just another problem to be solved rather.  This number popping up out of the blue like this is interesting.  I gave it no heed the remainder of my shift and nothing bad happened, therefore the number has no bearing on life in general.  Just my thought on this interesting item.

Now, go have a great day!