What I feel deep inside

I would like the world to know that I suffer from depression. I don't want your sympathy, just your understanding and caring in this matter. To express how I feel, I suggest you watch this video:

All but the final 30 seconds of the video apply to me. I could not and would not ever harm myself, just isn't who I am.

Please take the time to think about this subject and how it could apply to you and your life.

Thank you and have a great day!

One week

It is one week until my 30th birthday.  Sadly, I will be working the night before and and the night of, so I will have a party on the Monday after, or the fifth of October for those of you who are brain-dead and cannot think for yourselves.  I am inviting no one to this party and it shall not be considered a pity, I will enjoy the solitude and the time away from the rat race of civilized society.  I will ponder many things and pose many queries to the trees and the squirrels, none will be answered and not a word to be spoken.  I will enter a deep thought process and magically return with a full stream of consciousness to be bombarded by the universe.  Life can be so grand and the answer is 42.