Update from Assemblymember Hagman

This is the update I received earlier today.  Sadly, it's not good news.  Our state is in dire need of a real hero.

--- On Tue, 4/26/11, Assemblymember Hagman <Assemblymember.Hagman@assembly.ca.gov> wrote:

From: Assemblymember Hagman <Assemblymember.Hagman@assembly.ca.gov>
Subject: AB 613 Update
Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2011, 3:20 PM

Thank you very much for your support of my legislation, AB 613 which would have repealed several provisions of last year’s AB 962 that both impinge on the Second Amendment rights of California’s gun owners and create restrictions that make the sale of ammunition costly or impractical.


Unfortunately, on April 26th, this bail failed to pass out of the Assembly Public Safety Committee. The votes reflected party lines.


I, along with leadership members of the NRA, presented solid testimony and numerous reasons why AB 962 punishes both responsible businesses and law-abiding gun owners.

Unfortunately, the majority party blocked this common sense legislation from even reaching the Assembly Floor for a vote.


Though this was obviously not the desired outcome, I truly appreciate all of your support. It is citizens like you that will help lead the way to a better California. I will not give up the fight to protect our basic rights and I hope you will also continue this cause. Thank you.


It is an honor to serve you.



Assemblyman Curt Hagman

District 60


Note: In January of this year, AB 962 was ruled unconstitutional by Fresno Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Hamilton and its requirements were thereby put on hold. I introduced AB 613 to simplify matters and avoid a court appeals in hopes the NRA and other organizations can focus their efforts elsewhere. For more information, you can visit http://www.crpa.org/_e/page/1597/mr01_18_11.htm. Thank you.

August Update

Hello there.  I know it has been awhile, actually over a month really, since my last posting, but here I am, typing away, spilling my guts to the world once again.  What shall I say in this posting?  I will tell you that I am still seeking employment, I have a girlfriend, and I am still living with my parents.  Two of those three items will hopefully change before this year is out.  You can guess which two. *wink, wink*  

So, what else shall I mention?  How about that I saw The Expendables recently and I must say that I highly recommend it for anyone who, like me, enjoys action/adventure and very little romance in their films.  It was thoroughly entertaining and had the right amount of humor, especially the inside joke regarding Arnold.  You need to be a Californian to get it, in my humble opinion.  

The other item on my mind is political in nature, as that is a subject that I fully enjoy and can rattle on about for a while, as anyone who knows me can tell you.  Politics is a blood sport, some would say, and I am ready for it.  Or am I?  Time will tell indeed.  So, the political item today that I am thinking of is Obama and the mosque issue.  Where to build a religious house of worship.  Should it be near where the twin towers once stood?  Is Obama anti-American?  I have nothing further to say on this topic, it bores me, and I will now move on to other, more important items of interest.  

Such as...football!  Yes, the new NFL season is nearly upon us and, as always, I will be cheering on my Oakland Raiders with great delight.  They won the first pre-season game against Dallas and they will challenge the Bears next.  Go Raiders!!

That is all for this update, this random thought, this post.  Thank you for visiting and come back soon.