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I proudly encourage friendly competition. I know my abilities and strengths and weaknesses and I have no problem teaming up with others to promote one another. Maybe you like my service, perhaps you prefer my competitor's business. Not a concern for me. That is why I proudly encourage you to listen to all the available podcasts out there, starting with Randy Cassingham's Uncommon Sense podcast. If we forego the outright manipulative competitive spirit and work together, we can all improve and benefit from one another. Being first or last is not important, just placing is doable and reasonable. 

I will continue to suggest more sites as time goes by. Better is not the best. 


Alexa Skill

A year ago, the day before Trump was sworn in, I thought about ways to improve the Alexa tool that I had purchased shortly after it was publicly released by Amazon years before. The picture below is one of my many ideas. One I chose to write down. Problem is, I need help with implementation. I have done some reading about how skills are created, but I still do not understand. That is why I seek assistance from whatever source that could make it happen. 

I am not very tech-savvy, nor do I have unlimited funds, but I figured a well-promoted crowdfunding campaign could be a possibility. If not, let me know what your better suggestion is. 

I am a perfectionist and I dislike errors and repetition, but I also recognize that there are some things that are unavoidable in the process. I am seeking others to join me in this lifetime adventure. Others who are smarter, more knowledgable, eager to try anything to finish a goal. 

Do you think you can be a part of my team? Contact me, let us see what develops.

One week to go...

One week until Christmas Day. I am excited. I will receive, and give, several gifts and will likely post about them. This time of year is difficult for me, as I presently have no life, no wife, and no prospects. Oh well, just better this way. I really do not require any of the above anyways. Just gotta be me and that is the best anyone can expect. Thanks, and good night!

USS Hornet

Earlier today, I visited the Hornet museum and attended an amateur radio general class study session and attempted to pass the test to upgrade my license. Though I did fail the test (got only 21 out of 35 questions right, needed 26 to pass), I had a fun time and Rich, KN6FW, was a great instructor and the 16 of us who attended were well informed. My failure is not his and I tbanked him afterwards. 

Here are pictures I took before and after. While within the ship, I had no service. Seems the Hornet acts as a sort of Faraday Cage while below decks. 

Gray skies when I arrived before 0800.
Beautiful carrier
An important plaque

More pics to follow.

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