USS Hornet

Earlier today, I visited the Hornet museum and attended an amateur radio general class study session and attempted to pass the test to upgrade my license. Though I did fail the test (got only 21 out of 35 questions right, needed 26 to pass), I had a fun time and Rich, KN6FW, was a great instructor and the 16 of us who attended were well informed. My failure is not his and I tbanked him afterwards. 

Here are pictures I took before and after. While within the ship, I had no service. Seems the Hornet acts as a sort of Faraday Cage while below decks. 

Gray skies when I arrived before 0800.
Beautiful carrier
An important plaque

More pics to follow.

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Will James Robertson

Locked out of Facebook

So, I post a funny comment to a known feminazi group and I summarily get kicked off of Facebook, supposedly for breaking their idiotic "community standards", most of which I do not personally agree with. My comment to the group was "show those boobies ladies! Men love boobies!" A very truthful and accurate statement. But, someone complained and I am now banned from posting for 7 days! Facebook is an intolerant place. People are intolerant. They need their stupid "safe place" to feel good. I have news for you people, this world is not a safe place! Their is no room for "feeling good" about yourself. Get of it and get real! This makes me mad, that a large company such as FB can be so insensitive to real men like myself. Just so wrong!


A new nation is born of peaceful coexistence. I am a citizen. You can be as well. No fees! 

sounds like a wonderful utopian society. But, we all know, utopia does not and can not exist. Human nature just will not permit it. This is why you must join now, to ensure there is intelligence within this freakish new community. Here is the Asgardian Constitution for your reading pleasure and I encourage you to question each chapter's validity as a tool for change. We, the rightful citizens of Earth, shall not let this warped thinking continue unobstructed. That is all. 

My direct response to a postcard

My Representative in Congress, David G. Valadao, sent out a post card survey for input from us, his constituents.  ​
I have replied with a polite two-page letter.

Response to survey July 2017 -