Watch me fly!

Use this link to follow me while in the air: Southwest (WN) #1994 ✈ 14-Jun-2017 ✈ KLAX - KATL ✈ FlightAware 

Southwest (WN) #1994 ✈ 14-Jun-2017 ✈ KLAX - KATL ✈ FlightAware

Southwest (WN) #1994 Flight Tracker (SWA1994) Flight Tracker (en route flights, arrivals, departures, history) ...

I will attempt a live broadcast while at the Atlanta airport. Not really doable here at LAX. Thank you for following along on this trip.

Sitting here at LAX

Got here extra early. I like to be early, especially to the airport, due to the ridiculous and idiotic TSA checkpoint that all are forced to put up with. My trip through was easy-peasy today and the only issue was that I did not take out my laptop from my back pack and put it on the belt separately. So, my backpack was taken aside, Officer Carter was thorough and professional in cleaning it, and then I was on my way. Took about 10 minutes, start to finish. This early in the day, the security lines are still short. 

Now, I wait for my plane to arrive from Oakland. Scheduled to arrive here around 1000 hrs. I expect to board at about 1015. According to my boarding pass, I am A 01. First on? That's a first for me. 

One week

Such is my life, one week before my trip. I am anxious, nervous, excited, and wondering what adventure lies ahead. 

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Will James Robertson

Attack on America

 We attacked a sovereign nation without proper justification. We, as a nation, are wrong. Assad is not the criminal. He is a duly-elected leader of his populace and should be respected as such. Our dictator is the newest war criminal and he should be shown the same anger and disgust that we are told to show to the North Korean leader. This world is disgustingly backwards in how it operates daily! 

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We are going to take the rest of the night and just imagine being here. You should too.

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Pfc. Manning needs our help!

We must help Bradley Manning. He is being unfairly detained and our gov't has trumped up the charges against him. Listen to him speak and tell me that he isn't a hero. 

The full leaked audio transcript of Manning's hearing.
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End of the line

As Posterous has announced that it is shutting down in two-point-five months, I will take this opportunity to close out my spaces. I have enjoyed using this service and I am angry that Twitter is doing this. I will continue to post up until about a week before the end and then cease my writings. I may at some point decide on exporting to Wordpress or elsewhere, just have to play it by ear. Not sure that I am cut out to maintain a regular on-going blog with entries at particular intervals. I prefer communicating via voice, though not over the telephone, but rather one-way as in broadcasting like radio. So, along those lines, I would like to restart my radio career, just looking for someone to be my co-host/engineer. If interested, let me know via comments, email, etc. So, for now, enough said.