Why the hatred towards Ron Paul?

I noticed this just earlier today, a stripe through Ron Paul's name. This makes me mad, as a libel towards Dr. Paul and vandalism to my personal property. I wish I knew the creep who committed this heinous act so I could help them understand the result of their actions. Dr. Paul is a true patriot and should be honored, not hated. Long live freedom!
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Pro-gun vs. Anti-gun: Blown Away!

Here is a clip of a typical liberal meathead host:

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Chris Mathews is that meathead and should be disparaged at every opportunity. The guest does an excellent job of reinforcing the intelligence of all pro-gun, pro-freedom Americans. As usual, Mathews doesn't allow the guest to answer a single question without interrupting and attempting to make himself appear smart when he is really a dumb-f**k. Mathews must go! He is among the many reasons I don't watch MSNBC and wish it would die.