Attack on America

 We attacked a sovereign nation without proper justification. We, as a nation, are wrong. Assad is not the criminal. He is a duly-elected leader of his populace and should be respected as such. Our dictator is the newest war criminal and he should be shown the same anger and disgust that we are told to show to the North Korean leader. This world is disgustingly backwards in how it operates daily! 

Driving directions to KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL 32899

Just a fun drive across the country! Visit the Space Coast and see where the shuttle once launched from.



1. Head south on Hudson Ave toward W Oxalis Ave 2.5 mi
2. Turn right onto CA-33 N 1.0 mi
3. Take the 1st left onto N Fairfax Ave 18.0 mi
4. Turn right onto W Panoche Rd 3.4 mi
5. Turn left to merge onto I-5 S 207 mi
6. Take exit 161A to merge onto I-210 E toward Pasadena 44.2 mi
7. Take exit 45 for CA-57 S/Orange Freeway toward Santa Ana 0.8 mi
8. Merge onto CA-57 S 3.5 mi
9. Take exit 22 to merge onto I-10 E toward San Bernardino Passing through Arizona, New Mexico Entering Texas 1,326 mi
10. Take exit 570 on the left for I-35 N toward Austin 0.7 mi
11. Take exit 158 on the left toward Interstate 37/U.S. 281/Corpus Christi/Johnson City 0.6 mi
12. Merge onto I-35 N/N Panam Expy 4.4 mi
13. Take exit 162 for I-410 S 0.4 mi
14. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for TX-13 Loop/West W. White Road 0.1 mi
15. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-410 S and merge onto I-410 S 1.3 mi
16. Take exit 33 for I-10 E/US-90 E toward Houston 0.7 mi
17. Follow signs for Ackerman Rd/Kirby 0.4 mi
18. Turn right onto I-10 E/US-90 E Continue to follow I-10 E 193 mi
19. Slight left to stay on I-10 E 77.8 mi
20. Slight left to stay on I-10 E Entering Louisiana 187 mi
21. Slight left onto I-12 E (signs for Hammond) 86.2 mi
22. Merge onto I-10 E Passing through Mississippi, Alabama Entering Florida 504 mi
23. Take exit 356 to merge onto I-295 S toward St Augustine 20.2 mi
24. Take exit 61A for Interstate 95 S toward Daytona Beach 1.0 mi
25. Merge onto I-95 S 117 mi
26. Take exit 220 for FL-406 toward Titusvilla/Historic District 0.3 mi
27. Turn left onto Garden St 2.8 mi
28. Continue onto A. Max Brewer Memorial Pkwy Partial restricted usage road 2.9 mi
29. Continue onto State Hwy 402 Restricted usage road 5.3 mi
30. Slight left toward Max Brewer Memorial Pkwy Restricted usage road 0.1 mi
31. Take the 1st left toward Max Brewer Memorial Pkwy Restricted usage road 72 ft
32. Turn left toward Max Brewer Memorial Pkwy Restricted usage road 0.1 mi
33. Continue straight onto Max Brewer Memorial Pkwy Restricted usage road 0.8 mi
34. Turn left onto Kennedy Pkwy N Restricted usage road 2.9 mi
35. Turn right Restricted usage road 0.5 mi

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The news and the views

What are we doing? The media cannot be trusted to give an honest assessment of our world. By media, I am referring to that which is commonly known as the "mainstream media outlets," such as CNN, MSNBC, ABCNEWS, FOXNEWS, and others who accept government propaganda as fact. There are numerous independent sources that can be heard and trusted, though those voices are often small and far apart. One of those independent voices of honesty is Alex Jones in Texas. He can be heard across this great nation on satelite radio and shortwave. Be informed. Freedom be real. Keep an ear to the future. WJR

Why the hatred towards Ron Paul?

I noticed this just earlier today, a stripe through Ron Paul's name. This makes me mad, as a libel towards Dr. Paul and vandalism to my personal property. I wish I knew the creep who committed this heinous act so I could help them understand the result of their actions. Dr. Paul is a true patriot and should be honored, not hated. Long live freedom!
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