The news and the views

What are we doing? The media cannot be trusted to give an honest assessment of our world. By media, I am referring to that which is commonly known as the "mainstream media outlets," such as CNN, MSNBC, ABCNEWS, FOXNEWS, and others who accept government propaganda as fact. There are numerous independent sources that can be heard and trusted, though those voices are often small and far apart. One of those independent voices of honesty is Alex Jones in Texas. He can be heard across this great nation on satelite radio and shortwave. Be informed. Freedom be real. Keep an ear to the future. WJR

Obama Loss possible

Today, it is announced, Sen. Obama's ailing grandmother has passed away.  I do not believe that she died today.  I believe that she passed away while he was in Hawaii and was announced today to drum up the sympathy vote.  Sen. Obama was in Hawaii for two reasons last month: one was to see his grandmother and help her die painlessly and quickly and the other was to doctor some documents, namely his already-phoney birth certificate and related papers, as well as the grandmother's death certificate.  Now, tell me if you don't find today's announcement just very suspicious. 
The not-so-good Senator from Illinios (a state known for its corrupt politicians) is falling, still ahead, but falling in recent polls.  People are for the most part kind and will offer sympathy at the death of a loved one and that is what Project Obama is counting on, this day before election day.  The main-stream-media will ignore the suspicious nature of these events and offer their condolences as will all other campaigns, McCain on down. 
But, there is someone who will ask the hard questions and that is the great Alex Jones.
This is my opinion, what is yours?
Will J. Robertson