What I experience...

The weather is weird. I experience it as I walk around the sites each week and this one being my last is no different. I don't like being a security officer and the weather is a part of the reason. Another part is that I don't see the end purpose of a job that any brain-dead moron can perform. I deserve better, much better! I am worth triple my current pay! I require a challenge! I am seeking a new role, one that better suits my personality and abilities. That is what I am and what I need. Just watch and learn. Will out.
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The setting moon over Corral Hollow in Tracy

I took this picture while waiting for my shift at the Corral Hollow site to wind down. I think the Corral Hollow site is among the most dull and ridiculous of security gigs imaginable. I am doing the job that police are trained and hired for. It is stupid and I am very happy to be leaving. For my health and sanity, I leave this site behind as of the conclusion of this month. I have to be clear though: it is the site and the stupid hours that my anger is aimed, not the great and friendly people that I interact with during those awful hours. The people are fun to talk to and I expect to visit the tenants as a civ on many occasions. Good day and good luck.
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