Top Gun 2 in the works

Located this Top Gun mash-up on the article from TechCrunch and it reminds me of how good that movie was and how much I love the theme. Will be interesting to see how well a sequel holds up. Tom Cruise will need a fairly major role to make the film work. Top Gun 2 cannot exist without Maverick.
On a side note, related to the film clip above, I have always considered the Top Gun theme to be the best of all themes as it contains all the elements of a movie within it. What I was thinking is putting clips of Top Gun to its theme as was done with the movie above. I am not sure how it would be done, but it is something that I would like to try. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Watch TSA inspectors in Tampa say it is not safe to fly

The TSA needs to be disbanded!  They do not protect anybody or anything!

TSA inspectors in Tampa say it is not safe to fly

Several Transportation Security Administration screeners and investigators working out of Tampa International airport say there are so many gaping holes in the security system it is vulnerable to terrorists and some investigators won't fly.


Recently, I flew from Missoula, Montana to Fresno, California via Delta Airlines.  My journey was pleasant and, for the most part, uneventful.  The employees were all very polite and helpful and the worst that happened was them not getting one of my two checked bags back to me until the next day.  My first flight by myself and they misplace one of my checked bags.  Not a big deal, 'cause when I did get it back, all was in order and no complaint needed to be filed.  Not so for Dave Carroll.  Watch the video he created and follow his story.

An airline destroying a guitar and then not paying for its negligence is absurd and cause for a boycott.  You won't see me on United anytime soon.
Will Robertson of Livermore, CA