Recently, I flew from Missoula, Montana to Fresno, California via Delta Airlines.  My journey was pleasant and, for the most part, uneventful.  The employees were all very polite and helpful and the worst that happened was them not getting one of my two checked bags back to me until the next day.  My first flight by myself and they misplace one of my checked bags.  Not a big deal, 'cause when I did get it back, all was in order and no complaint needed to be filed.  Not so for Dave Carroll.  Watch the video he created and follow his story.

An airline destroying a guitar and then not paying for its negligence is absurd and cause for a boycott.  You won't see me on United anytime soon.
Will Robertson of Livermore, CA


I have had a wonderful time in Montana. Well, as wonderful a time as can be had while working with the bees.  I have managed to avoid being stung, accomplished by wearing a bee suit and deftly handling boxes and frames.  The weather has been mostly hot with a cool spell happening in the past 24 hours or so.  Will be glad to return to California tomorrow, on what will be my first time flying alone.  I will be walking through security, finding the gate, and changing planes, all by my lonesome.  Now, I know that for a 29-and-a-half year-old like myself to be saying this may sound weird and even a bit stupid to some people, I think it is a highlight of my life that I am able to do this on my own.  Not that I am in any way physically or mentally handicapped or the least bit stupid or retarded, I am just a normal male who realizes the enormity of the world and all its wondrous ways.  It should be noted for the record, that I am married and I am fully capable of living the good life if I weren't just so damn lazy and bored of life.  I attempt to find the fun, but it is hard and I like to make things easy and to do so while maintaining the highest quality is not so simple after all.  Am I just rambling, perhaps, but this all needs to be said.  I will sign off now, enjoy the day!

Will Robertson of Livermore, CA