I have had a wonderful time in Montana. Well, as wonderful a time as can be had while working with the bees.  I have managed to avoid being stung, accomplished by wearing a bee suit and deftly handling boxes and frames.  The weather has been mostly hot with a cool spell happening in the past 24 hours or so.  Will be glad to return to California tomorrow, on what will be my first time flying alone.  I will be walking through security, finding the gate, and changing planes, all by my lonesome.  Now, I know that for a 29-and-a-half year-old like myself to be saying this may sound weird and even a bit stupid to some people, I think it is a highlight of my life that I am able to do this on my own.  Not that I am in any way physically or mentally handicapped or the least bit stupid or retarded, I am just a normal male who realizes the enormity of the world and all its wondrous ways.  It should be noted for the record, that I am married and I am fully capable of living the good life if I weren't just so damn lazy and bored of life.  I attempt to find the fun, but it is hard and I like to make things easy and to do so while maintaining the highest quality is not so simple after all.  Am I just rambling, perhaps, but this all needs to be said.  I will sign off now, enjoy the day!

Will Robertson of Livermore, CA