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Use this link to follow me while in the air: Southwest (WN) #1994 ✈ 14-Jun-2017 ✈ KLAX - KATL ✈ FlightAware 

Southwest (WN) #1994 ✈ 14-Jun-2017 ✈ KLAX - KATL ✈ FlightAware

Southwest (WN) #1994 Flight Tracker (SWA1994) Flight Tracker (en route flights, arrivals, departures, history) ...

I will attempt a live broadcast while at the Atlanta airport. Not really doable here at LAX. Thank you for following along on this trip.

Sitting here at LAX

Got here extra early. I like to be early, especially to the airport, due to the ridiculous and idiotic TSA checkpoint that all are forced to put up with. My trip through was easy-peasy today and the only issue was that I did not take out my laptop from my back pack and put it on the belt separately. So, my backpack was taken aside, Officer Carter was thorough and professional in cleaning it, and then I was on my way. Took about 10 minutes, start to finish. This early in the day, the security lines are still short. 

Now, I wait for my plane to arrive from Oakland. Scheduled to arrive here around 1000 hrs. I expect to board at about 1015. According to my boarding pass, I am A 01. First on? That's a first for me. 


Recently, I flew from Missoula, Montana to Fresno, California via Delta Airlines.  My journey was pleasant and, for the most part, uneventful.  The employees were all very polite and helpful and the worst that happened was them not getting one of my two checked bags back to me until the next day.  My first flight by myself and they misplace one of my checked bags.  Not a big deal, 'cause when I did get it back, all was in order and no complaint needed to be filed.  Not so for Dave Carroll.  Watch the video he created and follow his story.

An airline destroying a guitar and then not paying for its negligence is absurd and cause for a boycott.  You won't see me on United anytime soon.
Will Robertson of Livermore, CA