Watch TSA inspectors in Tampa say it is not safe to fly

The TSA needs to be disbanded!  They do not protect anybody or anything!

TSA inspectors in Tampa say it is not safe to fly

Several Transportation Security Administration screeners and investigators working out of Tampa International airport say there are so many gaping holes in the security system it is vulnerable to terrorists and some investigators won't fly.

My visit to my doctor

I visited my doctor today to talk about my sleepiness and my burping. I am tired most of the time and that is due to stress and my darn work schedule. My burping, though, is natural (like I always suspected) and cannot be cured. Also, had to get more blood pulled outta my arm. Five various sized vials! Wow! It was weird seeing the blood fill the vials.
That is all for now.
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Vector Marketing Proposed Class Action

I received this curious letter on Saturday and would like to make you all aware of it.  

For a few months, over the course of a couple of years, I was involved in selling the highest-quality knives through the Vector Marketing Corporation.  The knives were of course Cutco, the same brand that you can see being given away to contestants on The Price is Right at least once a week.  I was unsure of their sales tactics and did offer some suggestions to the office management, but they would not listen to me cause I was just one of their lowly "Sales Representatives" and had no real power.  I have always wondered if I shouldn't have been paid for my travel expenses and the purchasing of the demonstration set and thus when this letter arrived, I got giddy and I hope that this class-action happens and that Vector is sued into oblivion!  

If you or anyone you know was involved with Vector at any time in the past, please contact this law firm.  We need to kill Vector Marketing!  

Again, let me be clear, I love my Cutco knives and have never had any complaints about Cutco products, it is only the marketing arm of the former ALCAS, now CUTCO, that this complaint is aimed at.  Eliminate Vector, and the world will be a safer place for all college students.


Take a look at this receipt

Last evening, while on-duty as a security officer, I visited the Nestle Cafe, purchased two chocolate chip cookies (very warm and delicious) and a hot chocolate (with whipped cream) and the total for those three items was $6.66!  I made a joke of it and the cashier laughed with me.  The proprietor, Dan, was nearby and suggested I buy a third cookie.  I did not as this number doesn't faze me.  Why should it?  It is just another number after all.  

This was the most interesting thing to occur to me yet as I work this eight-hour shift every Friday.  Alright, I have had the two fights recently, but those aren't interesting, just another problem to be solved rather.  This number popping up out of the blue like this is interesting.  I gave it no heed the remainder of my shift and nothing bad happened, therefore the number has no bearing on life in general.  Just my thought on this interesting item.

Now, go have a great day!


Don't Tread on me!

I have added a car magnet to my vehicle. The Gadsden and Culpeper flag is iconic and indicative of our nation's peril. We must stand and fight those who wish our country harm! The time to take up arms and engage the enemy is nigh! Be prepared to defend your territory, as that is your last hope for awesome resistance. To arms, to arms, I say unto all of you!
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Squirrel climbs the tree

This is what I do while at work, watch any furry animal that may come my way, as the hours roll on.  Not saying this isn't a good job and worth doing, just that it's quiet and nothing frightful ever happens.  I know a good security officer should always be aware of the surroundings and I certainly am, but the human mind goes bonkers after a while without some form of stimulation.  It is just a human trait and cannot be ignored.

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