But for the good of man...

I write today about a life, a time, and a place that is not well known outside of the Bronx.  The life is one mouse, the time is the present, and the place is the hole in the wall of the home of a certain Mr. Keppler, Gene Keppler.  The mouse wishes not to bother anyone, but rather just live his life as plainly as Mr. Keppler lives his.  Any other ordinary mouse would not be worthy of mention in this blog, but this is an extraordinary mouse with an extraordinary tale to tell.  I am the teller of tales, so I will tell the tail of the mouse with a tail and tale.  Read on, for the adventure has just begun...

Continued soon...

New posting

Another day, another post.  I have an interview lined up on Monday morning for a possible security guard gig in Manteca and am waiting to hear back from Bass Pro regarding a third interview there.  Barb has Beau at work right now and I will drive over later to pick him up and bring him back home for the evening, as Barbara doesn't get home till about Midnight tonight.  Since I am going over there, I will see a movie and use the free small popcorn and drink coupons that I got for using my Regal card.  What movie?  Maybe Hancock, maybe the new Costner film, I don't know just yet.  But, it shall be a fun day, regardless.  That is all.

WarGames Sequel

Can it really be called a sequel if the original actors are not involved?  That is what this is not, right?  WarGames: The Dead Code is released on DVD 25 years after the original and I will not call it a sequel.  Rather, as described on the NetFlix sleeve, it is "a follow-up to the popular Cold War-inspired hit."  So, a "follow-up" is the term used.  Then, that is what I will use as well. 

My review of Wargames: The Dead Code - It's okay for a follow-up, with a cool twist (that I won't spoil here) near the end.  Nice reflection on the first film, it ties in well, and all loose ends are tied up by the credits.  I recommend you rent it today.

That is all.

Beau, our puppy

Beau, our Pomeranian puppy is still energetic and lively as ever, running around our small apartment for short spans before settling down and sometimes wimpering or barking for our attention.  Nice dog, just annoying sometimes, as all pets tend to be.  Still need to get him potty-trained and into a dog training class.  I know PetsMart does those, so will see what happens.

That is all.

Ludacris crazy

What is up with this video?
Sen. Obama should immediately remove himself from any association with this rapper loser and not accept Luda's endorsement. This is hate speech to the hilt, ain't it? Just crazy what Demos will accept as art, though. Just crazy...Now what? How about a positive rap about America? Is that doable, Cris? I should say, is it possible for someone of your ilk to do? Good luck.

That is all.

The X-Files

X-Files 2 is not worth seeing.  Now, as I said before, I have not seen any X-Files episodes, so I can't say if this plot matched them or not, but for my interest, it was dull and silly.  I was hoping for UFOs, aliens, secret government compounds, possibly time travel, not the organ transplants and Scully as a doctor.  The first movie was definitely better and I would like my money back for this film. 

  Also, one other gripe I have, is the showtime is not accurate.  This has been true for a long time now and in the case of the X-Files starting 20 minutes late, all I ask is, why??  What about honesty?  If the time listed is 5:05, the movie should begin at 5:05, not 5:25.  And the number of stupid commercials and previews before the film, how annoying!  I came to see a particular film, not to see what is upcoming.  In fact, I don't care about what films are soon to be released, just show me the feature presentation!  Aaaaarrrrggghh!!!  Too many previews make me less interested in going to the big screen.  Stop the marketing machine.

  That is all.

The X-Files

While I am not an X-Files geek (I didn't watch the TV show at all), I am somewhat knowledgeable on what it is, who the main characters are, and why it was popular all those year ago.  And, in that vain, I will go see the X-Files 2 movie later today with Barb and friends in Dublin.  I have seen the first X-Files movie and this one should be better, right?  Time will tell and I hope I am not too scared to believe afterwards.  That is all.

The latest

Now, it is Saturday, the 26th of July and I am sitting here, at my mom's computer, with Beau, our purebred Pomeranian, not sure of what to write, so I will just write about what I know: the Internet.  Okay, so I really don't know that much about the internet, but I can fake it well.  Right?  Alright, not so right.  But, rather lucky that I like to post something, even if it is nothing, a Seinfeldian ego trip on my part. 

That is all, as this writer's block won't vanish.