McCain's mate

Is it Romney, Pawlenty, or someone else?  That is the question that is burning and awaiting an answer right now.  I have for a while now felt that McCain's VP choice is Romney and I am sticking by it.  Not that I will change my stance on the old man, just my prediction.  That is all.

Friday trip

Here is what I did on Friday.  I originally planned to go to Mt. Beideman but once I got over Sonara Pass and saw the signs for Mammoth Mountain, I figured that I would go there, so I did and had a great time.  Rode the gondola, visited Devil's PostPile, did lots of hiking, and the weather was excellent!  Lots of pictures and a few videos, aching back and sore muscles, I made it home before ten that evening and just want to go back again soon.  Gotta visit Bodie, the ghost town.  That is all.

Travel from border to coast

Have you ever thought about about seeing how long it would take to go from the border of one state to the coast line on the other end?  I have and it is what I am pondering to do on Friday.  Though, I will most likely just travel to the hills and hike for a while instead.  I have a destination in mind near the Cal-Neva border.  Y'all know where Mono Lake is, right?  Well, I am thinking of that mountain just north of it called Biedeman, seen several pictures of it online and want to see it for myself, take my own pics, just enjoy the beauty of the location.  I may also cross the border and travel a short distance into Nevada, just for shucks, y'know?  Not sure what route I will take, though I am leaning towards staying out of Yosemite NP and taking Hwy 108.  That is all for now, will keep you posted as to what I do.  Good night!

Once again at MJC

I am once again a contract employee at MJC after last night's college board meeting and today I will be going in to record training sessions in the new auditorium.  Should be informative and interesting, my first chance to see inside the new building.  That is all.

Guard Class

Today, I attend a guard class as required to keep my license active.  Should be interesting but only time will tell.  That is all.