The X-Files

While I am not an X-Files geek (I didn't watch the TV show at all), I am somewhat knowledgeable on what it is, who the main characters are, and why it was popular all those year ago.  And, in that vain, I will go see the X-Files 2 movie later today with Barb and friends in Dublin.  I have seen the first X-Files movie and this one should be better, right?  Time will tell and I hope I am not too scared to believe afterwards.  That is all.

The latest

Now, it is Saturday, the 26th of July and I am sitting here, at my mom's computer, with Beau, our purebred Pomeranian, not sure of what to write, so I will just write about what I know: the Internet.  Okay, so I really don't know that much about the internet, but I can fake it well.  Right?  Alright, not so right.  But, rather lucky that I like to post something, even if it is nothing, a Seinfeldian ego trip on my part. 

That is all, as this writer's block won't vanish.

The latest

Well, this night finds me in Dos Palos, with our dog Beau.  I will be y\taking my car back to Merced Toyota in the morning to have a wheel balancing done and than will help my mom with whatever computer problems she may have.  So, should be fun.  Beau seems to think it is. 

That is all.

Dog grooming

At this moment, our dog Beau is at Petco being groomed.  I will be leaving in the next few minutes to go and pick him up and I think I will show him off to my friends at the college, if anyone is there.  Will out.

Beau, our foxy doggie

Beau, the Pomeranian purebred that Barb and I received as a wedding gift, is one smart, funny animal.  He was checked out by the vet today and given a clean bill of health.  Does have the genetic disorder, but that can be repaired with some surgery as I understand it.  Need to get an ultra-sound done.  Could have it done at UC Davis or wait for the mobile unit to come around.  We will decide soon.

That is all.

Will Robertson

Earth and moon?

This video from NASA supposedly shows the Moon passing in front of our planet Earth from a distance of 31 million miles.  Is our Moon really that big?  Though I have not yet been off this planet and cannot say what we look like from that distance, I would recommend some healthy amount of skepticism towards this NASA video. 
That is all.